Will my guests be able to talk during the performance? I don’t want the band to be too loud…

Background music is our specialty. The band can provide a nice, relaxed vibe while your guests converse and mingle.

My event has a specific type of theme. (for example, 1920’s, Old Hollywood, Speakeasy). Can the band play music to fit the ambience of the theme?

Absolutely! We specialize in music from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. We also like to dress to fit the occasion.

Do you provide a microphone for speeches or announcements?

Yes! We provide a wireless microphone at no additional expense.

My event requires the band to perform at different locations (for example, outside for a cocktail hour and then inside for dinner). Can the band move locations for my event?

Yes! All we need are the details so that we can ensure there is sufficient time to move.

What is the difference between a duo, a trio and a quartet?

We offer several different band configurations to suit your event. Some popular combinations are:

Vocal duo: Vocals and keyboards

Vocal Trio: Vocals, keyboards and drums

Vocal Quartet: Vocals, keyboards, upright bass and drums

Vocal Quintet: Vocals, keyboards, upright bass, drums and saxophone

Instrumental Duo: Keyboards and upright bass

Instrumental Trio: Keyboards, upright bass and drums

Instrumental Quartet: Keyboards, upright bass, drums and saxophone

Can I hire the band without vocals (instrumental)?

Yes. We offer several band configurations from a simple duo to a jazz trio to an instrumental quartet.

How much space does the band need?

For the quartet the ideal space would be 8’ X 12’, but we have been known to squeeze into tight spaces so don’t be afraid to ask if space is a concern…we will make it work!

For the trio the ideal space would be 6’ X 8’ and again, we will adapt to your space.

What equipment does the band require?

All we need to perform is one standard 3 prong 20 amp outlet for power. We provide the rest.

I want to dance!  Can the band step it up?

Yes! Whether you’re into swing dancing, vintage 1920’s, Bossa nova or the Tango, Classic Soul & Motown, we can play the music to get your dance floor hopping!

What songs do you play?

Please click here for our sample song list.

Does the band play wedding ceremony music?

Yes. Usually we provide either a solo piano, instrumental duo or instrumental trio, though we would be more than happy to add vocals if requested! We can also provide prerecorded music through our sound system if you would prefer.

We are interested in hiring your band for our wedding. Can you meet with us beforehand to answer questions or do a venue walk through?

Yes! Send us an email and we can arrange a meeting.

What are your rates?

Our rates vary depending on factors such as the size of the band and the length of the performance. Please contact us with your event details so we can send you an accurate quote.

My venue is asking for vendor liability insurance.  Do you have that?


Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. We can send you an invoice through SquareUp.com that can be paid with debit or credit card. We now also accept payments through Zelle.

Can the band play other styles of music, i.e., pop or rock covers, if specifically requested?

While we specialize in jazz, we have been known to perform the occasional pop/rock/R&B song. Please inquire for details.

We can also DJ any song request on our soundsystem.

Do you provide DJ services?

Yes! It is common for us to perform jazz with the band for the first 2 or 3 hours of an event and then DJ a “dance” set for the last hour.

Whether it’s one song, a playlist of your choice or a theme you want us to create a playlist for, we can DJ anything for your event on our soundsystem.

Do you provide MC services for an event?

Absolutely! We can provide MC services for your event or wedding.

Can I see the band performing publicly?

While the majority of our performances are for private events, we do play publicly. Please click here to see if any performances are scheduled.

If you have any additional questions… Send us an email anytime!